Free Games



These games my be used freely - Enjoy

If for any reason you are unable to download, please email me... and I will send them to you as a zip file.

Tests and Develops your Memory
A Three Dimentional Tic Tac Toe Game
Reads your Mind
A Mindreader Program
Another Mindreader Program
A Bingo Call Program
Calculates Inflation Increase between any two years
Download Whack a Mole
An interesting reflex game
Download Birthday Calculator
Calculates the Day of the Week you were born on + your Age
Download Prime Number Generator
Calculates a list of Prime Numbers
Download Day Text Installer
Displays a Daily Bible Verse
Download Enigma Simulator
Enigma Simulator downloads as a Zip file
Download The Secret in Building 26
The Secret in Building 26 (151 mb)
Download Chessmaster 10th
Chessmaster 10th